Ohio TechCred

Ohio’s TechCred Program provides businesses the chance to increase their current and future employees’ SOLIDWORKS skills with available funding.

Businesses who submit successful applications will be reimbursed, up to $2000 per credential, when current or prospective employees complete technology-focused credentials, such as CATI’s SOLIDWORKS Training offerings.

What Is TechCred?

, Ohio TechCred

TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills needed in a technology-infused economy.

Many of these trainings can be completed online!

These technology-focused credentials take a year or less to complete and prepare current and future employees for the technology jobs Ohio employers need.

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Approved SOLIDWORKS Training and Certifications

The Ohio TechCred program covers a wide variety of training courses and credentials. If there is a training course that CATI offers that you do not see in the list below you can contact the Ohio TechCred program to submit that course for approval.

What is a Credential?

“Credentials” is an overarching term that includes both certificates and certifications.
Certificate: Earned by individuals who successfully complete a training, course, or series of courses.
Certification: Earned by individuals who pass a standardized assessment that recognizes an individual’s knowledge, skill, or competency in a particular specialty.

What Makes a Credential Eligible?

Employers applying for TechCred must select which credential their employee is pursuing. To be considered eligible, credentials must meet all three criteria. Eligibility requirements for credentials include:

  • They must be industry-recognized.
  • They must be technology-focused (as defined below).
  • They must be short-term. Credentials must be certificates or certifications able to be completed in less than 12 months or in programs that are fewer than 900 clock hours or thirty (30) credit hours.

What is a Technology Credential?

Technology credentials demonstrate the competencies necessary to succeed in an occupation that utilizes technology to develop, build, and deliver products and services. Technology credentials rely on science, technology, engineering and/or math related education, as well as technical skills, to benefit an employer dependent on the development, deployment and investment in new and emerging technology, including software development, advanced manufacturing, data analytics, cybersecurity, computer hardware and design, military applications and other emerging fields.

Credentials on the approved list have been recommended by the Technology Review of Educational Credentials (TECHREC) panel of experts and approved by the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

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Contact your Partner Success Manager to ask for CATI’s list of courses that are approved Credentials for the OH TechCred program.

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