Creaform VXelements has been updated!


VXelements, the software used with Creaform 3D scanners has been updated to version 6.0!  The update includes a major overhaul of the interface.  Now VXelements has a home page.

You can choose which aspect of the software you will be using.  One of my favorite enhancements is part of the VXinspect and VXmodel.  Now you can choose from recent CAD files!  SOLIDWORKS has had this for a long time, and now VXelements has it also!

When in VXscan, the workflow has been streamlined to maximize efficiency.  Everything we need to do follows the path left to right.  The ability to add basic entities has been added as well.

My favorite update in VXmodel is the enhanced ability to clean the mesh.  Now with even more cleaning potential.

Also, follow the link to get more information on the new versions of the MaxSHOT 3D, the Creaform photogrammetry tool.

Chad Whitbeck

CATI Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology