Creaform 3D Scanning: A Glimpse Into the Future of Metrology

A Glimpse Into the Future of Metrology

  • Metrology will be an integral part of the manufacturing process.
  • More efficient metrology tools will be used for inspections that will not only be limited to critical features, but will encompass more complete measurements.
  • Simple 3D measurements will be transferred to the production floor and will systematically occur at every step/many steps during the manufacturing process.




In industry 4.0, metrology will identify defaults and update the manufacturing process in real time. Not only will it correct any type of default, but also it will analyze the impact of any modifications on subjacent parts. Thus, metrology will perform perfect control on collateral damage.

All of this is because density information will be accessible to feed the self-correcting manufacturing process. However, all this will be possible only if 3D scanning becomes as efficient, accurate, and fast as probing.


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