Creaform 3D Scanning: The MaxSHOT Next Unveiled

A New Optical Coordinate Measuring System for Large-Scale Metrology Projects


The MaxSHOT 3D photogrammetry cameras bring unmatched ease-of-use and accuracy to large-scale dimensional measurement projects for product development, manufacturing and quality control applications.

Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, today announced the launch of a new generation of optical coordinate measuring systems, the MaxSHOT Next. Quality control and product development specialists from the aerospace, automotive, transportation and heavy industries will benefit from the system’s live go/no-go guidance feature for even more accurate and reliable measurements for their large-scale metrology projects.

Building on the first generation of MaxSHOT 3D™, Creaform has achieved a major industry milestone by developing an “intelligent” measurement solution that autonomously guides users to the right measurements within VXelements™. Considered a serious alternative to laser trackers for many applications, the new MaxSHOT 3D can be used as a standalone measurement device and also be used in combination with Creaform’s 3D Scanners and portable Coordinate Measuring Machines. Major benefits are:

  • 40% more accurate with volumetric accuracy of up to 0.015 mm/m.
  • Visual projections with live go/no-go feedback directly on the part, guiding the user to the correct position to take the shot for unparalleled ease-of-use.
  • New light, ergonomic design engineered specifically for photogrammetric measurement of large parts ranging from 2 to 10 meters.
  • Improved hardware reliability and multifunction buttons for easier interaction with the software in shop-floor conditions.
  • Available in Standard and Elite versions.
  • And much more!

“With first-time-right data acquisition and measurements, the new optical coordinate measuring system is a game changer in metrology for large-scale projects,” explains Daniel Brown, Product Management Director at Creaform. “Photogrammetry complexity, lack of metrology experience and the latent human error factor are no longer obstacles to high-quality measurements with the MaxSHOT 3D. Users of all levels can be confident that their measurements are right and can be used as a solid and reliable foundation for their dimensional inspection projects.”

Creaform will be at CONTROL 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany, this May, at which the MaxSHOT 3D will be on display for the first time. Users looking to improve their measurement times in large-scale metrology projects can see live demonstrations of the system used independently or in combination with other Creaform technologies in Hall 5, at Stand 5108, May 9–12.

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