Impressions of DriveWorks 6.0

After installing and upgrading to DriveWorks 6.0, I was very impressed by many of the new enhancements.  The user interface has been drastically improved,  it’s much more user friendly and easier to navigate.  Normal windows operations such as undo and redo are available and you can now copy and paste controls from form to form.  I was pleased to see that you can now rename form controls and DriveWorks will automatically fix references to that control in rules and other places it would be used within DriveWorks Administrator.  The new quick picks for opening Groups and Projects make it much easier to begin modifying your applications right where you left off.  Any questions I had were easily answered by using the new searchable compiled help menu, which is now a standalone app and not embedded in Administrator.  Aside from the migration from 5 to 6 for all of your existing groups,  the upgrade was painless and all of the new features are well worth the effort.

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