Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)

Model and simulate complex thermodynamic cycle processes for electricity power generation using Clausius Rankine cycles

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ClaRa Plus library is a Modelica-based simulation library and enables the investigation of the transient behavior of Clausius-Rankine thermodynamic cycles, which are the basis all over the world for electricity generation from the most varied energy sources – from coal-fired power plants to direct steam generation solar power plants.

  • Detect and avoid critical states in complex electric power plants
  • Save time in modeling: Developed and validated in close cooperation with power plant engineering teams
  • Optimize control models before real plant exists with precise analysis of process transients in components
  • Fast and Efficient investigation of dynamic operation conditions, at component level, for their dimensioning
  • Widens the scope of investigations
  • Reduces modelling effort using predefined and preconfigured subsystem models

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  • Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)
  • Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)
  • Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)
  • Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)
  • Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)
  • Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)
  • Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)
  • Systems ClaRa Plus Library (CRZ)