Why are my views backwards!


Have you ever wondered why when you create a projected view
off of another view it seems backwards? Meaning, it should be a right view and it is the left view. What causes this is the type of projection is
set to “First Angle”. First Angle is a
European standard which sets the views opposite to what you would think they
would be.


It is a simple, quick fix to change the document you are
working on. Simply right click on the
drawing sheet and choose “Properties”. This brings up the Sheet Properties dialog box. Under “Type of Projection” change from “First
Angle” to “Third Angle”.


This will change the view back to what you are accustomed to
. The right view projection is indeed
the right view.


This will change the current document but if this happens
with every drawing that you create you will need to change the drawing
template. To change a drawing template
go to File, Open. For Files of Type choose
“Template”. This will take you to the
templates folder and select the drawing template. Follow the same steps listed at the top to
change the template from First Angle to Third Angle and save the template. This will assure that when you create a new
template, the views will come in the way you want them to.

Phil Whitaker

Technical Support

Computer Aided Technology