Dash Board Icon Customization in 2010 Has Changed.


Those icons on the graphics area of your parts, assemblies and drawings are pretty handy. They are even handier when you customize them to your liking and needs. How you make these changes has changed, to give you more control over what is there and to make the process of customizing this dash board similar to customizing other toolbars.


In SOLIDWORKS 2009, to customize the dash board icons one would right click on any of the icons and get a list of icons that could be toggled/check on/off as desired.



In SOLIDWORKS 2010 this has changed.

To customize the dash board icons you now will need the Customize window open(Menu: Tools, Customize or Right click and pick Customize..). From here you can drag and drop any icon onto the dash board similar to any toolbar.


You will see the green plus symbol as you hover your cursor when dragging and dropping the icon onto and in between the dashboard icons.


Jim Krivoshein

CATI Support