It’s Just Time to…Stop building Frankenstein.


The easiest way to Microwulf-supercomputerprovide some insurance that your users are in a stable environment is to buy certified systems.  I am not saying that it is impossible to buy all of the parts that it would take to create a great system, put them together, and have an awesome machine.  Dell, HP and the rest of the computer makers pay engineers a lot of money to produce a product that will be as stable as possible.  It is pretty hard to put a dollar value on that.  I don’t get any kickbacks, but it is pretty hard to beat a certified system.

   Your double mother board, quadruple graphics cards with dual 1080p monitors on each. running 11 gig of ddr3 for ram (this is a very odd number) is not doing you any favors.  The stability of this machine and the ability for support to reproduce the issues that you may run into is almost nonexistent.  The through put of issues on this machine is going to more than double the time trouble shooting takes the support staff.   In a certified machine there are a number of things that can be taken for granted, and assumed.  In Frankenstein, there is zero.  Start packaging up all the spec, event logs, and every bit of info that you have, because we are going to need it.  I have enough trouble trying to keep track of one or two monitors, let alone the six that Frankenstein has, and what drivers do we have going on here?  That is anyone guess.  The fact that Frankenstein is has three 1tb drives raided together, and is being used as your home DVR streaming wireless HD, you guessed it, not helping.  We will talk more about hardware and software next time, but for now, STOP BUILDING FRANKENSTIEN!!!