Gusset a Sheet Metal Bend


It is quite common to find a gusset of sorts in the corner(bend region) of sheet metal parts to stiffen the part. To accomplish this, we'll create a custom form tool (or copy the one attached) to define the shape of the gusset. We'll then apply the form tool to the part, orient and locate the form tools sketch and close the dialog. The result is a formed gusset across the bend of a sheet metal part. This "looks" good but is not flatten-able. To get the flat blank/pattern you'll need to first suppress this form tool.

First, we start with a sheet metal part requiring a gusset.Capture01

Note: this part is 12ga (.1046) material and this also appears in the form tool part, these need to match.

Second, we'll drag the form tool from the Design Library and drop it onto our part. Capture02



Third, we'll add relations and dimensions to locate the form tool on the part.Capture05

Remember: You'll need to suppress this form tool gusset in order to flatten the part.

Download Full_Round-Gusset