Creating a SOLIDWORKS Part and Assembly template with reverse isometric view


I was in the good city of St Louis, MO yesterday and had a great question asked by a gentleman there. “How can I easily create a Reverse Isometric View I need to do that more times than not.

So Here is how you go.

  1. Open a blank SOLIDWORKS Part/Assembly file.
  2. Hold Control Key and hit the 2 key on the top row of the keyboard. (This will put you in the BACK view)
  3. Hit your SPACE BAR key ( This brings up the orientations box)02
  4. Single Mouse Click on the word FRONT in this orientations box.
  5. Click on UPDATE STANDARD VIEWS on the orientations box. ( This will make the current orientation the Front view.
  6. Double Click *ISOMETRIC (You’ll notice the triad in the bottom left will be in a different orientation
  7. Hit your SPACE BAR key
  8. Click on NEW VIEW the orientations box (This will bring up Named View Dialog)
  9. Name the new view REV ISO
  10. Click on RESET STANDARD VIEWS the orientations box (This will reset the view to normal)
  11. Go to File Save As
  12. Change the Save As Type to Part Template
  13. Save you new Template
  14. 08

Have fun,

Bob McGaughey, CSWE

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.