Configuration and hole patterns


One of the more advanced SOLIDWORKS modeling techniques is using equations to drive sketch dimensions. For example you can create a linear hole pattern that derives the spacing and number of holes from the overall length. Let's assume we want .5" spacing from either end, and roughly 6" spacing between holes on a part. To do this create a hole wizard feature on your part. Place the first hole on the part and use a linear sketch pattern on the point. The linear sketch pattern needs three contraints. Direction, instance count, and space between instances. Create the following equations to drive spacing.

((Length – (2 * end distance))/6) – 1

Spacing Dimension = (Length-(2 * end distance))/(instances-1)

When the overall length of the part is changed the number of holes and spacing will update automatically.



Jordan Nardick, CSWE
Technical Analyst
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  1. One problem I’ve found with this method is that any equation driven sketch pattern at the part level usually will not update when changes are made at the assembly level. For instance, I have a library feature part for line bore holes spaced at 32mm O.C. When I add that feature to my part and constrain the start and end points to other parts in the assembly, if the size changes causing the length between said parts to change, no amount of rebuilds will update the quantity. I have to either activate the part and rebuild, or open the part to have the correct quantity shown.

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