How to Unlock the Padlocks in the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal


We still get asked questions from time to time about the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. A common question that SOLIDWORKS users have is about the locked padlock icons. The SOLIDWORKS user enters their user name and password and they are able to login to their SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account. So, they are expecting to have full access to the features of the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. Once they are logged in, however, they see the locked padlock icons and the message, "Active subscription service contract required for full access."

Active subscription service contract required for full access

Well, here is the answer from SOLIDWORKS to the question, "Why are there locked icons when I log into my SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account?"

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Padlock Icons

Answer: If the current version of the SOLIDWORKS software has not been registered in your Customer Portal account, it will display locked icons.

Click on the "Register My Products" link and register your current version of the software.

Register My Products link in the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

This easy solution works most of the time, and the padlocks disappear immediately. We have found, though, that it does not work all the time.

Why are many of the links on the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account still locked after registering the SOLIDWORKS serial number?

According to SOLIDWORKS, this could occur for the following reasons:

1. If you are not associated to the account which is linked to the serial number or there is a mismatch of information, then the serial number cannot be registered using your Customer Portal account; however, it will appear as if the registration has been successful.

– Please contact Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI) or your current SOLIDWORKS reseller/VAR so that these details can be checked and updated if necessary.

2. The locked icons will also show if you do not have a current/valid subscription support contract with CATI or your current SOLIDWORKS reseller/VAR.
– You will need to purchase subscription in order to be able to access all features. Please contact CATI or your current SOLIDWORKS reseller/VAR for information about this.

3. If you have purchased subscription but did not register the most recent version, the features will remain locked because the subscription is only carried by the active version.

– Please register the most recent version, even if you are not using the most recent version of software at this time.

In conclusion, click Register My Products to unlock the padlocks in the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. If that does not remove the locked icons, please contact CATI or your current SOLIDWORKS reseller/VAR to get the issue resolved for you.

Neil Bucalo

Technical Analyst

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.