How do you reference Cut List custom properties in a SOLIDWORKS drawing?


There will
be a time when you need a specific piece of information about a weldment to be
called out. Whether it’s custom properties that you create or an
existing one like Angle1, it can be linked to a note so that it
automatically changes as the part is updated.

Just as an example, I will show you how to create a custom property
that does doesn't exist by default. Starting from the weldment property
window, click on the Edit List button. Type in the property that you want to
add in the box.  I have added "test" and clicked on Add.
 Once its added you will be able to reference that property in the Cut
List.  Just follow the arrows you see in the picture below.

Let’s say this is the property that you need linked to an annotation
in the drawing.  

When you have a drawing view of the weldment, add a note as you
normally do and click the Link to Property button.  Even though this is
just a single part file, and not an assembly, you will need to select the fourth
bullet point.  By doing this the Cut List property check box will
activate. This will allow you to choose the Cut List properties and not the
part properties.