How often do you use SolidWorks’ Recognize Feature?


Whenever you get a file from a customer and they use software other than SolidWorks they may send you IGES or STEP files.

When you open it, SOLIDWORKS will ask you, Do you wish to run Import Diagnostics on this part and Do you want to proceed with feature recognition?

Impor dia Recog fea


If you select No for both, you will get an Import1 body.

Import body

You say to yourself, "How can I work with this?"

SOLIDWORKS makes it easy for you. Rather than saying No to both, say Yes to both.

When you say Yes to the Import Diagnostics, you will get a dialog box stating you have gaps or faulty faces. Click Attempt to heal all.

Impor dia 1

SW will do it's thing and you will see this.

Impor dia 2

Go ahead and click on the green check mark (OK).

You will then be asked Do You Want to Proceed With Feature Recognition. Click Yes and the Feature Works dialog box pops up.

Recog fea 1

Selecting appropriate Recognition Mode:

Automatic will automaticall recognize and highlight as many features as possible.

Interactive will allow you to selectthe feature type and the entities that make up the features that you want to recognize.

Feature Type gives you the capability of standard or sheet metal features.


Automatic Features will generate the features you have choosen.

Go ahead and click on the green check mark(OK) and you have your results.

Recog fea results

Now we are ready to rock.


Roger G Ruffin Jr.

Application Engineer

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  1. This is not true. When the “Do you want to proceed with feature recognition?” dialog pops up and you click yes then it says to select the body to recognize. This only allows you to recognize one and only one feature in a multi feature assembly. I have 38 separate features. It seems kind of stupid that I can not do a global feature recognition instead of one part at a time.

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