SOLIDWORKS 2014 on a 4k Ultra HD monitor 3840×2160


So here at CATI we do a lot of hardware testing, mostly centered on RAM, CPUs, and Videos cards. Our partnerships with with Intel and Nvidia have been great on these matters. But one fun little thing has been missing for a while now; 4K.


So as you can see above there is a lot more information that is going to be pumped through the video card to achieve 4k. The data rate for uncompressed 4k, aka Ultra HD, is about 800mb per second. Yes boys and girls a CD a second running through your video processing unit, YEAH!! 

Here is a screen shot of SolidWorks on my Seiki 39inch 4k ultra HD display. The icons at that resolution are small, but SOLIDWORKS has some settings in the customize menu under Tools/Customize to make icons much larger and override windows default font size for the user interface.


Here is a youtube video which you can change to 4k and view the recording at native resolution. You will probably have to click the gear icon in the lower right hand corner of the video after you start the play back to switch to a 4k option.

Cheers Bob McGaughey, CSWE


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  1. My current configuration for this machine is a HP Eltie Book 8760w which is about 3 years old with a Nvidia Quadro 3000m card. Many cards can do 4k displays now for pretty inexpensive. If you are not running SOLIDWORKS, you should be if you are reading my stuff a Intel® DC3217IYE Desktop Computer, which is only 300 bucks can do 4k resolution with is Intel 4000 HD video card. If your computer has a display port like mine, make sure to get an “active” display port to hdmi adapter. “Active” means the monitor and computer can pass data back and forth. Which out that type of adapter the computer will not see the monitor as being about to go to 4k, you’d just get HD 1920x 1080

  2. Hi, are you saying the Quadro 3000m card supports 4K when coupled with a DP1.2 to HDMI2.0 adapter?

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