Redefining Your Isometric View in SOLIDWORKS – Simple and Fast!


Who hasn't received an imported part before and the Isometric View was jacked up like this? Ugh!!!

Isometric Views_Pic1


This could've happened due to a couple of other reasons as well, such as:

  1. Was the sketch drawn initially on the wrong plane?  
  2. Or the sketch was extruded in the wrong direction for your Isometric View to display like you want it to?

No worries!

Here's a simple and fast way to redefine your Isometric View while in SOLIDWORKS!  

So it looks like this!

Isometric Views_Pic2

Step 1.  Get the model orientated to whatever view you want to define as your Front View to redefine the Isometric View.

Such as the image below, which I will redefine as my NEW Front View.

Isometric Views_Pic3

Step 2.  Right Click in the Graphics Area(GA) and click on the Select Current View As. Then, select the Front view selection to redefine this view as your Front View.

Isometric Views_Pic4

Step 3.  Click YES to except this as your new Front View.

Isometric Views_Pic5

Step 4.  Click on Ctrl+7 of your Isometric View Icon to see your redefined Isometric View.

Isometric View Screenshot Image

BOOM!  Here’s the redefined Isometric View shown below:

Isometric Views_Pic6

I hope this helps you become more efficient! 

Don Glaske

Sr. Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology