2016 PDM Pro - Installing Web 2

For 2016, Web 2 is now included in the installer along with SolidWorks. For many this is a blessing as Web 2 has always been a separate installation. Many will attempt to install Web 2 with PDM Pro 2016, but be wary. The intention of this blog post today is not on how to install the Web 2 client onto a server (refer to SolidWorks PDM Web Server Guide), but rather to warn you before Installation. Something that many do not know or have not noticed, is that there are prerequisites for the Web 2 installation. It means, ironically, that admin needs to get a hold of the installation guide (by either searching it explicitly or running the installer to get it) and go through these prerequisites before running the installer. The prerequisites are as follows…

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 must be installed
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services 7 or higher versions (IIS) must be installed
  • SolidWorks PDM client and local view must be installed on server hosting Web 2 (so Web 2 and IIS can access it)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher operating systems (recommended)

If these requirements are not met beforehand, simply checking off the Web 2 box on the installer does nothing. Does not even download the required installation files locally. It’s good to note that the best way to do this is to meet the prerequisites above in a regular installation, then to do a modify installation and add the Web 2. The reason for this is to ensure that the local client a view on the server are absolutely flawless before the Web 2 gets installed, it will otherwise fail. We hope this helps!

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