32-bit options for EPDM

Recently Inflow Technology has had a few calls regarding support for Windows OS 32bit. So here is the general information below regarding Dassault Systemes current support for the 32 bit systems out there, and what they plan to do in the future.

Currently, DS does support some options for Windows 7 32-bit configurations, but ONLY FOR VIEWER AND CONTRIBUTORS. If the user is an editor, that client machine must be running 64-bit as SolidWorks is only available in 64-bit. It's important to note that this will be the very last version of EPDM that will have any 32-bit support. From 2016 and on there will only be 64-bit versions. That means for all of you out there still running 32-bit systems that it's start to time planning for the future upgrade. If you know that you or your company may be upgrading to the new and upcoming 2016, start planning for swapping out the OS on those machines or they will be dead in the water. As for installing and running 32-bit EPDM on machines, refer below.

On the SolidWorks website, the compatibility matrix (See compatibility matrix in S-065091) shows that certain parts of EPDM are 32-bit compatible, but nowhere does it have a standalone 32-bit install. This is because the 32-bit installer is actually embedded with the 64-bit one. You can just run the installer from the download portal to install the client machine. During the installation process, you will be able to choose what kind of license will go on the machine. Be sure to only choose viewer or contributor. Also, note that is impossible to install and 32-bit components on a server. Since there is no standalone eDrawings 2015 viewer for 32-bit, you install the 32-bit client and 32-bit active-x component will also be installed to allow previewing SW file types on the 32-bit OS'es

However, the eDrawings 2015 standalone application that is installed with Enterprise PDM will not run on a 32-bit Windows operating system. In order to use the "View" button functionality for SOLIDWORKS or DWG files you need to update the Viewer settings for the 32-bit users. Update the settings to use the Enterprise PDM File Viewer application in place of eDrawings which is the default viewer for viewing SOLIDWORKS type files.

Steps to change the Viewer setting (you should ideally do this from a 32-bit client).

1. Launch the Enterprise PDM administration tool.

2. Log in to the vault.

3. Expand the Users selection.

4. Right-click the desired user (that will use the 32-bit operating system) and select Settings.

5. Select the Viewers menu.

6. Locate the SOLIDWORKS extensions in the list that normally are set to EModelViewer.exe.

– The default extension list is: "sldasm, sldprt, slddrw, eprt, easm, edrw, dwg, dxf, 3dxml, stl, prt, xpr, asm, prtdot, asmdot, drwdot"

– If the SolidWorks extensions are not listed, add a new row with the extensions (comma separated).

7. Browse to the location of FileViewer.exe (typical path: %ProgramFiles%\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM\FileViewer.exe)

8. Add the following argument after the path: "%1%"

9. Click on the OK button.

10. Exit EPDM from the tray icon and browse into the vault view again.

11. Clicking the View button (or via View in History or Notifications) should now load the file in the File Viewer application which would in turn preview it via eDrawings.

DISCLAIMER: It is not recommended to run any 32-bit configurations of EPDM in any instance if it can be avoided. Service packs will not affect the 32-bit clients hence they will not fix any bugs or known issues that are in its original install. There is no support for the 32-bit side of things currently and there are no plans for any future to support a 32-bit version of EPDM in the future, so please plan accordingly.

Aleks Vicentic| Consultant - PLM Solutions
Inflow Technology




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