3DExperience Add-In to SOLIDWORKS 2020

This holiday season, InFlow decided to post daily updates on a snapshot of our daily operations. With that in mind I decided to create a post detailing the new 3DExperience platform add-in to SOLIDWORKS 2020. Today, the internet of things is driving us towards extremely connected systems. As such, using a disconnected storage solution is outdated. In order to bridge the gap between the status quo and high-end PLM solutions, SOLIDWORKS has created the 3DExperience platform. The platform leverages existing ENOVIA applications to offer a fully integrated cloud solution.

In order to gain an understanding of the platform, we first need to understand its integration with SOLIDWORKS on the desktop. Whether you employ SOLIDWORKS for 3D CAD modeling, Simulation, CAM, or Electrical PCB design; the platform add in can enhance you experience tremendously. Today, the 3DExperience platform SOLIDWORKS add-in is little known throughout the industry. However, traction on this new cloud offering has been creeping up.

The add in works to bridge the gap between the cloud and current desktop applications. With a simple and intuitive user interface, managing CAD files and their metadata is extremely simple. Below, we will look at an example of the platform in action and its added functionality inside SOLIDWORKS 2020.

, 3DExperience Add-In to SOLIDWORKS 2020

With a simple right click, it is very easy to perform tasks like “Reserve”, “Replace by Revision”, change a “Maturity” state, and even “Revision” control.

Reserve – Works like check out, allows users to reserve a specific file so others cannot change it

Replace By – The cloud keeps track of changes as you design, therefore if you need to replace a file with another revision, it is a click away.

New Maturity State – Similar to workflow states, allows users to route files thru different maturity state depending at which stage of its lifecycle the file is currently in.

Revision Control – Allows users to create new revisions of existing files.

, 3DExperience Add-In to SOLIDWORKS 2020

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