3DEXPERIENCE Upgrade to 2021X FD06 coming soon

2021X FD06 coming to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

3DEXPERIENCE platform users get ready for FD06.  The 3DEXPERIENCE upgrade is scheduled for the weekend of May 29th.  Yes, we know that it is Memorial day weekend, but business doesn’t stop.

We don’t have any release notes yet, but Dassault reports there are some big enhancements for this release.  If I go back to some of the typical items that we look at for PDM/PLM updates I come up with a short list of items that we may want to check before hand.

PDM/PLM Checklist

  • Are the servers still using a supported OS?, 3DEXPERIENCE Upgrade to 2021X FD06 coming soon
  • Have you applied Windows updates to the servers?
  • Is your IT department ready to rollback if there are any issues?
    • Backout plan?
    • Current backup of servers and data?
  • Weekend schedule?
    • Who is installing?
    • Which users are assigned for testing?
  • Does IT have the correct credentials?
    • Admin access to install server updates?
    • SQL SA Password?
  • Script complete, install sequence confirmed?
  • Upgrade test run complete and successful?

Wait a minute, a 3DEXPERIENCE upgrade on the Cloud platform requires none of this. Maybe your checklist should look more like this?

Memorial Day Checklist

  • Plans for the memorial day weekend?
  • Cooler with ice?
  • Beverages in cooler?
  • Something for the grill?

InFlow will keep you up to date on changes to the software and functions as the information gets published.  Until then know that your data is safe and secure.  The update should complete late Sunday night and will be available to you.  SolidWorks users will need to install their local connector patch when they return to work.  The system will automatically download and install that patch when the user logs in and launches SolidWorks.  In the meantime, sit back, relax, and let us do our thing.  Make some plans for the weekend. As for the update, we will take it from here.

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