6 Benefits of Running Abaqus Simulations in the Cloud

Cloud-based simulations for Abaqus deliver high-performance computing power at an affordable price point.

Simulation is becoming increasingly integral to engineering departments across industries. The growing capabilities of simulation software have allowed engineering departments to integrate CAE processes into their research and development workflows at every stage, so that new designs can be tested at every point, from initial concept to final product validation.

The increased utility of simulation has led to a growing demand for powerful simulation software that is accessible to businesses of all sizes. In response, Dassault Systèmes has made their 3DEXPERIENCE platform available on private cloud infrastructure, allowing businesses greater flexibility in how they use the software. For engineers who use Abaqus—or those intending to purchase FEA simulation software—the new cloud platform offers an excellent solution to their needs.

Whether used as the primary simulation platform, or as an auxiliary for businesses that need to scale their capabilities, Abaqus’s new cloud service is an important tool that will help engineering teams around the world respond with increased flexibility to simulation demands. Here are the top six advantages Abaqus cloud brings to engineering departments.

1. Access High-Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities without the hardware investment.

Simulation on the cloud using HPC

Managing hardware upgrades is a constant challenge for many businesses. The computing power required to run complex simulations often requires a significant investment in new machines every few years, and given the capital expenditures involved, many businesses are wary of rushing into a decision and possibly making a poor purchase.Cloud computing spares businesses expensive hardware investments by providing immediate access to HPC resources that are owned and managed offsite by the cloud services provider. For Abaqus, this means businesses can run with up to 144 cores of cloud-based processing power. This lowers the startup barrier for businesses interested in expanding their simulation capabilities, while also increasing the flexibility of their business operations.

2. No need to manage or maintain hardware assets.

Cloud computing saves businesses the costs of having to upgrade their hardware, but it also saves them significant expenses related to networking, housing, and maintaining these computing clusters. These costs include IT staff to help with networking issues, and special, climate-controlled storing rooms to keep the computers cool. You will even keep your energy costs down!

3. No extensive setup and installation time, because 3DEXPERIENCE is already configured.

A secondary concern to purchasing new hardware is that doing so also requires setup time for each instance of Abaqus which needs to be installed and configured. Using Abaqus on the cloud doesn’t demand the same resources, because it’s already set up on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Businesses can be up and running in an hour, making it easier for them to scale up their simulation capabilities if needed.

4. Abaqus on the cloud integrates easily with your current workflows.

Another drawback companies face as they incorporate new systems is that even small differences in a user interface or operating system can force changes in a workflow that lower efficiency while users learn the new system. The more drastic the change, the more the new system can disrupt a workflow, leading to frustration, errors, and delays.

From a user experience, running Abaqus on the cloud integrates seamlessly into existing workflows.  Users continue to use their preprocessor of choice to create their Abaqus models.  Then they upload their input deck to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, submit the job on the cloud, and download results for local postprocessing.

5. On-demand licensing helps companies manage surges in simulation needs.

Businesses of every size experience fluctuations in demand for both their products and their simulation software. During peak times, they may find that they don’t have enough software licenses to handle the workload, while in slow times, they may feel they are paying for more than they use.

Cloud licensing offers a new purchasing model where users can choose to run simulations using the traditional token model or by purchasing on-demand credits. Because running Abaqus on the cloud means users don’t have to download software or upgrade the hardware of their local computing systems, it is easy for companies to bring in additional support for the busy season without having to purchase excess licenses.

6. Securely store Abaqus files where they can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

As more and more businesses move to remote work environments and smaller, global offices, the logistics behind access to simulation files become more complex. Fortunately, simulations stored in the cloud can be accessed from any location, with results that can be downloaded for local post-processing, viewed through the browser-based 3DPLAY application, or through the Simulation Results Analyst software, which allows for more detailed performance visualizations.

As a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of Abaqus software, we can provide all the technical assistance you need.

Using Abaqus software on the cloud can benefit your VAR relationship as well. Just as cloud computing helps keep your team connected, it also helps our engineers provide technical support for your simulation projects—even if you’re on the other side of the globe.

Working with our team means your engineers will have direct access to highly qualified engineers, whose experience covers industries ranging from automotive to energy to health care. Our position as a VAR means you get enterprise-level support without the price tag—and without having to navigate the customer service network of a larger organization.

Most importantly, our services combined with the Abaqus on the cloud offer an affordable, scalable solution for any business that needs added support and flexibility in their simulation workflows.

If you’re interested in getting started with cloud-based Abaqus solutions, contact us today. We can discuss plans with you and help you get started.


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