Adding a Macro to your Menus

So, you have a really cool macro that automates everything… Here is how you can add it to your SOLIDWORKS menu structure.



Below is an example of creating a menu item macro in the Tools top menu.


…To create a macro menu item in the "Tools" top menu, please follow the steps below:

·         Create a folder called Macros in your SOLIDWORKS installation directory (the same as the SLDWorks.exe).

o   Nothing below works without this folder!

·         Copy the macros you want to use into this directory you just created.

·         Open SolidWorks.

·         Select Tools -> Customize

·         Select the Menus Tab.

·         You will now see a “Macros” entry in the Categories section (It was not there before).

·         Select Macros from the Categories.

·         Select a macro command from the “Commands:” listbox.

·         Select &Tools from the “Change what menu:” dropdown.

·         Select Auto, or Top/Bottom (whichever you prefer) from the “Position on Menu:” dropdown.

·         Change the “Name for Command:” to whatever you like.

·         Click the Add button.

·         Click the OK button to clear the dialog.


Below, you can see that I created a "Custom Props" menu in the "Tools" top menu.


 Computer Aided Technology, INC

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