Adding A Watermark To Your SOLIDWORKS Drawing

Have you ever wanted to add a note to a drawing but you didn’t want to cover up the geometry?  Well this is where using a watermark in your drawing will allow you to do that.

Right click on drawing sheet, select “Edit Sheet Format"

Step1_edit sheet format_1

Right click on sheet and select Annotations, then select Note

Step2_add annotation note

Create any note and any font and color you want.  I will create PRELIMINARY note for my example.

After your note is created, we need to do one more IMPORTANT step so the note will display behind geometry of any views we create.

Click on the note and in the note display manager under Text Format, check the box called Behind sheet.

Step2_add annotation note on display manager

Now right click and select Edit Sheet to get out of Editing Sheet Format mode.

Step1_edit sheet format

Notice how the PRELIMINARY watermark note is over the geometry but not covering it up and/or hiding the geometry.

Lines will highlight over the watermark since you selected the option to display note behind sheet_red note

Overall note display on drawing view

Happy watermarking!

Don Glaske

Sr. Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology                                      



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