Allow Yourself to Focus on What You (Your Company) Does Best

Much of the discussion in the engineering software market
surrounds the quality of the actual software itself. What it does, its
reliability, user community, and so on is where the conversation tends to be

In the last decade or so, the power and ease of use of these
tools has increased dramatically, especially in terms of being accessible to a
wider audience. What has not changed is that these still are complex tools that
can be used for very complex jobs. Just because a user can figure out how to
set up a simulation scenario and run an analysis doesn’t mean the results are
going to be real or meaningful.

On top of that, in general engineers have become more, not
less, busy with organizations trying to maximize productivity with the teams
that are in place, versus hiring more. The end result is that expectations and
pressure have increased for the design community as a whole.

How can the potential for disruption and risk of a wasted
investment in technology be mitigated? Companies that design and/or make ‘X’ product
are typically experts in their industry or market. They will occasionally
launch and invest in new tools and technology over time to help do their jobs
better.  A  few different paths exist here- from the 100%
DIY model, to formal training and implementation by a partner. As with most DIY
approaches, very often the cost in lost opportunity, time and resources
outweighs the cost of bringing in a dedicated expert. Not that a professional
is low-cost, but in many cases the true cost becomes less than trying to
implement a tool in-house without help.

As such, the team here at CATI has spent considerable
efforts putting together structured implementations for every key solution
offered. The approach is one of Good, Better, Best…with corresponding levels of
consulting and deliverables. So, whether a new project is SolidWorks CAD,
Simulation, Technical Publications, or PDM, the right level of service is

If you truly want to turbocharge return on investment in a
new technology, please make sure to look at your implementation options in
detail, from any partner, and consider the impact this can have on a truly
successful investment.

-Rich Werneth
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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