Are You A SOLIDWORKS Feature Explorer?

I was talking with a colleague the other day and we got in to a discussion about all the great new functionality that has been built into SOLIDWORKS in the last couple of years.
A few questions came up, "Are users of SOLIDWORKS really making use of all that is available to them?" "Do users try out all the new features and incorporate them into their daily tasks or do they avoid new features and stay with the tried and true?"
I thought, these would be great questions for the blog, let’s find out what users think!

My questions for all SOLIDWORKS users;
Are you an Explorer, an Avoider or somewhere in the middle?
What new features have you tried?
What new features do you enjoy?
What new features do you avoid using?
Are there any tasks or features you fear?

If you’re a new SOLIDWORKS user than it’s understood that they are ALL new features.
What has helped you learn the most about new features, a presentation, the Help menu, a What’s New document, a CATI Training class or an education tool like SolidProfessor or the SOLIDWORKS Tutorial?

It would be great to hear your responses to any or all of these questions.

Design Better!

Paul Niedermann

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