Borrowing Licenses From SNL

If you haven’t borrowed a license in a while you may see some changes. Most surprisingly you may find that when going to the borrow tab things look a little different:

, Borrowing Licenses From SNL

Next, you might notice that there are no free Standard licenses. Trying to borrow a Standard SOLIDWORKS Network license, the error message “No Available licenses for SOLIDWORKS Standard” appears. This is due to a change in the borrowing procedure.

SOLIDWORKS used to require borrowing a Standard license prior to borrowing a Premium seat. Starting in SOLIDWORKS 2011 this is no longer a required process. The process of borrowing Standard license when a Premium, Professional license is requested is now automated.

If a user needs to borrow a standard license on its own follow these steps:
1. Open SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager and browse to “License borrowing” tab
2. Click a SOLIDWORKS Office, SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium and click borrow
3. In the drop-down list select only SOLIDWORKS Standard license.

, Borrowing Licenses From SNL

Now you can do more work when you get home!! Just what we all wanted!! 🙂

John Van Engen
CATI Tech Support


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