A New Abaqus/CAE View Menu

Improve your CAE post-processing workflow with simple shortcuts to useful model visualizations, such as view cuts normal to screen, view cuts through datum planes, instant 180° rotations, and more!

Abaqus/CAE Caelynx View Menu Closeup

Your New Abaqus/CAE View Manipulation Options

Plug-ins menu Description
Views/Swap viewport positions Shift the positions of multiple viewports.
Views/Cut plane normal to view Create a cut plane normal to the current view.
Views/View normal to cut plane Orient view normal to current cutting plane.
Views/View behind Flip the view 180 degrees (look behind)
Views/View steps Create a new viewport for each analysis step.
Views/Reset layer transformations Set layer transforms to identity
Views/Cut from datum plane Create view cut from selected datum plane
Views/Cut through point… Adjust cut position to pass through given point


To download:

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To install:

  1. Extract the ZIP file to a temporary directory.
  2. Run install.cmd to install the scripts.
  3. You may then delete the temporary directory.
  4. In Abaqus/CAE go to Plug-ins > Views from the top menu.


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