Can you create a drawing of a virtual part in SolidWorks

I just had this question the other day. "My vendor is sending me assemblies with virtual parts in them But I need to do some drawings of the individual pieces for mounting location and what not. How can I create drawings of this parts.

Solution #1. I went to SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

Knowledge base Article S-056442

How can a drawing be created with a Virtual component?

Drawings cannot be made directly from virtual assembly components.  Drawing view by design require a file to reference.  To create a drawing view of a virtual component, right mouse button on the component in the assembly FeatureManager® and choose “Save Part (In External file)”  after completing the save operation , add a drawing view of this part or create a new drawing with this part.

In there we find A, and I mean A solution

Solution #2 Drawing View Properties

Trying the option of Hide/Show Components for the view can work. But, I would not recommend it you'd have to select from the viewport or the tree. It might take too much time. Let's try something different.


Solution #3 Create Configurations

By creating configurations you can easy in the assembly pair down what you need, but one big drawback configurations add to file size of your assemblies. I'd rather not give my assemblies any bloat if I don't need to. Let's look elsewhere.

Solution #4 Display states

Display states are just a easy to create as a configuration, but instead of suppressing the components you would hide them. Displays states can be used in a drawing view the same as a configuration so we are in good shape. Quickly you can select the virtual part you want a detail of right mouse button click and invert your selection. Then hit hide you display stat is complete. Best of all no added file size because it's not saving the tessellated model ( ask me that one later).



Bob McGaughey, CSWE


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