Can you install 2 versions of SOLIDWORKS on the same computer?

A common question we get on the support line is “Can I install 2 versions of SOLIDWORKS on the same computer?”

The simple answer is Yes, it can be done but there are several things to think about when you do your 2nd install and configuration of SolidWorks.

#1. What version(s) of SOLIDWORKS are you wanting to install and what version of Windows and Microsoft Office are you running. You can view the System Requirements on the SOLIDWORKS Website for specifics of what is supported (

#2. Create a backup of your current SOLIDWORKS settings using Copy Settings Wizard, this is more of a precaution than necessity just in case something goes wrong with your installation.

#3. Who else are you working with? You need to think about working with other engineers in/out of the office and what versions of SOLIDWORKS are they running, remember you can save a 2010 file as 2011 but you cannot save a 2011 file as 2010.

#4. Installation Location – You need to make sure that you specify during the , Can you install 2 versions of SOLIDWORKS on the same computer?installation process a location that is different and identifiable, if you look at the image below you can see that I have a different location for my installations.

, Can you install 2 versions of SOLIDWORKS on the same computer?

#5. Toolbox Location – During the installation you need to specify that you want to create a new Toolbox vs. upgrading the existing.

Multi SW Install-2 
#6. Template Locations – If you have company specific templates stored in a network or on a local drive you will want to create a copy of that folder and rename it specific to the version you are going to use it with.

Multi SW Install-3 
#7. SOLIDWORKS System Options – Once your installation is complete you will want to run both versions of SOLIDWORKS and check that your File Locations, Default Templates, and Hole Wizard Locations.

Multi SW Install-4 
Multi SW Install-5 
Multi SW Install-6 
Josh Altergott

CATI Support Team Leader 

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