CATIpults Are Back!

Next week marks the re-launch of the CATIpult learning sessions.  What is a CATIpult? The format has changed, so here are the details.

CATIpult learning sessions are unique educational opportunities designed for SOLIDWORKS users of various experience levels. CATI Technical Analysts have put together a series of hour long presentations in the form of convenient webcasts.  The CATIpult webcasts are conducted via Webex and consist of live SOLIDWORKS hands-on training, Power Point presentations, and product demonstrations.

Many of this year's topics were originally developed by our technical staff for SOLIDWORKS World 2010.  So, if you missed SOLIDWORKS World 2010, now you can see these presentations live in their entirety.   Topics change monthly so check the CATI website for upcoming topics.  Our first CATIpult webcast of the year, Allowing SOLIDWORKS to Perform, will be presented April 15th.  The name "Allowing SOLIDWORKS to Perform" is a bit controversial. We had to change the name in order to present it at SOLIDWORKS World 2010.  Now you can see the presentation as its developers, Josh Altergott and Adrian Fanjoy,  intended it to be.  Allowing SOLIDWORKS to Perform outlines the results of over 120 distinct test runs with SOLIDWORKS comparing different environment settings, hardware, and modeling methodologies.  These comparisons have been made in a manner that allows us to give quantifiable results to help the user determine what changes in their environment will have the greatest effect on their SOLIDWORKS performance.

So far the response has been overwhelming.  There are still some spots left to sign up for the April 15th webcast. Register for this event and others by clicking here.

May's Topic – Making Sense of Pretty Pictures


Jim TeDesco

Marketing Coordinator CATI

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