Creaform 3D Scanning: Colormap, the Quick Go/No-Go of Inspection

Colormap, the Quick Go/No-Go of Inspection

The HandyScan 700 3D Scanner is a great tool for inspecting parts for Quality Control engineers.  Using VxElements, PPAP inspection reports can be created being as simple or as complicated as needed.  After importing a CAD model, either .iges or .stp, the scan can be compared to the “perfect” CAD model.  One of the useful tools within VxElements is the ability to create a colormap of the differences between the CAD model and the scan.  This can be based on a surface best fit reference frame or a datum reference frame.  This can be used as a quick go/no-go of whether a part overall is within inspection tolerances.


colormap settings

The error distribution can be changed to create a meaningful colormap that will show how the scanned part deviates from the CAD.


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Chad Whitbeck
CATI Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology

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