Cosmetic Threads in Assembly Drawings

Some of you may have run into this situation before. Have you ever needed to add cosmetic threads to an assembly drawing? If so, how do you do it? If you have never had to do this before, you may not realize that the cosmetic threads do not show by default like they do in a part drawing.


You can see in the above pictures that the assembly file clearly shows cosmetic threads but the drawing does not. Here is a simple way to add the cosmetic threads to the drawing. Go to Insert, Model Items.


Now you have the option to tell SOLIDWORKS which view or views you would like to insert the cosmetic threads.


This will now place the cosmetic threads in the drawing and look like you would expect it to.


This came up as a support call recently and we thought that this is a simple process but something that other users could benefit from. Now, if you think that the cosmetic threads should come in by default in an assembly drawing. Go to the SOLIDWORKS website and fill out an enhancement request.

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