Create a CREAFORM Customer account


Getting Connected to CREAFORM’s Customer Center is essential with the purchase of a 3D scanner. The customer center provides useful tools such as: software & license downloads, training files and tutorials, interactive E-learning, accessories for your newly purchased scanner and much more. All of this is provided to you as a customer at no extra charge so it’s a huge benefit to get access to these online tools.

Here’s how: 

Step 1:Web Access Request

  • Go to the Customer Center to create a new account and select Web Access Request. It will take about 24 hours before you receive access from the Creaform technical support team.
  • Customer center link can be found here:

, Create a CREAFORM Customer account

Step 2:Login into Customer Center

  • Once access is granted, login to the customer center with Email and Password.

, Create a CREAFORM Customer account

Step 3:Download the software

  • VXelements latest versions, all licenses, all calibration files are available for download at the Customer Center.
  • Select the latest version in the software column and select the download icon.

, Create a CREAFORM Customer account

  • Once downloaded, follow the on-screen promoter to install VXelements.

Step 4:License & Software Updates

  • Internet connection is required to activate/deactivate/update the license.
  • Open up VXelements and navigate to the Configure Tab
  • Go to Options and add your email and password used to login to the customer center.
  • Check the Remember password box.

, Create a CREAFORM Customer account


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