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Creaform 3D Scanning: The MaxSHOT Next Unveiled

A New Optical Coordinate Measuring System for Large-Scale Metrology Projects     The MaxSHOT 3D photogrammetry cameras bring unmatched ease-of-use and accuracy to large-scale dimensional measurement projects for product development, manufacturing and quality control applications.   Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, today announced the launch of a new generation of optical coordinate measuring systems, the MaxSHOT Next. Quality control and product development specialists from the aerospace, automotive, transportation and heavy industries will benefit from the system’s live go/no-go guidance feature for even more accurate and reliable measurements for their large-scale metrology projects.   Building on the first generation of MaxSHOT 3D™, Creaform has achieved

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Stratasys 3D Printing: Metal Additive Manufacturing

Desktop Metal Extend Their Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Adoption of Metal Additive Manufacturing   As a result of this partnership, customers will be able to work with leading Stratasys resellers who will begin representing Desktop Metal solutions, including the recently announced Studio System and the Production System, alongside Stratasys’ broad family of advanced FDM and PolyJet solutions.   Expected to ship September 2017, Desktop Metal’s Studio System is the first office-friendly metal 3D printing solution. At up to ten times less expensive than today’s metal 3D printers.  For the first time, it’s possible to produce highly complex metal parts and assemblies with metal 3D printing without leaving the office.   What

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INSPECTING 3D Printed Prototypes with 3D Scanner Technology

INSPECTING 3D Printed Prototypes with 3D Scanner Technology   Within the last 10 years CAD software has risen to new heights, giving the user more control over their designs and allowing them to create more curved surfaces on parts. In the manufacturing world, manufacturing processes have evolved to meet the designers demands breaking through walls of tighter tolerances and high complexity.   What does this all mean? Well, if you’re you in the QC department, this means you have an unrealistic task of inspecting parts using traditional methods. For many decades, inspecting parts with calipers, micrometers, straight bars and even rulers have sufficed, but it wasn’t until CAD software gave

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Creaform 3D Scanning: Colormap, the Quick Go/No-Go of Inspection

Colormap, the Quick Go/No-Go of Inspection   The HandyScan 700 is a great tool for inspecting parts for Quality Control engineers.  Using VxElements, PPAP inspection reports can be created being as simple or as complicated as needed.  After importing a CAD model, either .iges or .stp, the scan can be compared to the “perfect” CAD model.  One of the useful tools within VxElements is the ability to create a colormap of the differences between the CAD model and the scan.  This can be based on a surface best fit reference frame or a datum reference frame.  This can be used as a quick go/no-go of whether a part overall is

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Creaform 3D Scanning: Achieving the Next Level in Skiing Safety

SCOTT Sports and Creaform: Achieving the next level in skiing safety with 3D scanning         SCOTT Sports’ approach to product design can be summed up in a sentence: there are “no shortcuts” for doing things the right way, for the right reasons. It is with this mindset that Swiss manufacturer of bicycle, winter equipment, motorsports gear and sportswear designed its helmet, the Symbol 2 freeski helmet.   The engineering behind helmet development   When designing sports performance gear, fit and comfort come right after user safety. With the increased safety requirements and riders wanting to push the limits of their sports, SCOTT Sports turns to cutting-edge engineering to ensure the highest safety level

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CATI Product Development Forum – Register for an Event Near You

Product Development Forum Events   We are just days away from the start of our annual Product Development Forum. This year, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. To say thank you and show our appreciation to our clients, the agenda is 100% training based. Each event will showcase 5 lecture style training sessions, exhibits form our partners, and the chance to meet one-on-one with one of our technical experts. Visit the Product Development Forum Event Page on CATI.com for complete details and agendas for an event near you.   Dates and Time Locations April 11, 2017 8:30am – 3:00pm Central Time Waukesha, WI Marriott Milwaukee West >>Registration Link April 12,

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CATI Makes a Splash at AMUG

For the second year in a row, CATI was a Platinum sponsor at the Additive Manufacturing User Group (AMUG) Conference held at the Hilton Chicago last week.  For more information on the AMUG conference visit their website.     This is the first year in the 29th year history of the conference that it was sold out.  A total of 1600 were in attendance, with over 700 being first time attendees. In our suite, we featured Stratasys 3D printed parts, 3D printed injection molds and Creaform hand-held scanners including our new MetraScan.     Also on display, was the new F123 series of printers from Stratasys.  These printers are the next

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Creaform 3D Scanners: Reverse Engineering the Death Star

Reverse Engineering the Death Star   No, I’m not on my way to becoming the next Emperor Palpatine, so no worries there.   Last Christmas season, my family found a Death Star Planetarium while shopping.  We had the idea of using it as a tree topper for our Christmas tree.  Our only problem was how to get it to stay.  It came with a stand, but it didn’t immobilize the Death Star. I could get calipers and other measuring tools out, but that doesn’t result in the best accuracy.  The answer came in using the Creaform 3D scanners.  I have only been using scanners and their software VXelements for a

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Stratasys 3D Printing: Be the First to See the NEW Stratasys F123 Series 3D Printers

Be the First to See the NEW Stratasys F123 Series 3D Printers   Join us for an upcoming workshop and be the first to see the NEW F123  Series 3D Printers. The Stratasys F123 Series combines powerful FDM technology with design-to-print GrabCAD software for the most versatile and intelligent solution available. Produce fast, effective prototypes for concept development, as well as highly accurate and robust parts for design validation and functional performance.   Can’t make it to an event? Each of our 3D Printing Facilities have been outfitted with this NEW technology. Contact us to schedule a visit to one of our facilities.   ***Upcoming Events Featuring the Stratasys F123 Series

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