Fixing a 3D Scan for Printing

SOLIDWORKS, 3D Printing, and 3D Scanning really are complementary technologies.  We’ve been printing files that were exported from SOLIDWORKS for years.  Like most mature CAD packages, SOLIDWORKS does an awesome job on exporting STL files. See this post for a recommendation on export settings from SOLIDWORKS.  Depending on part geometry, the workflow from Scan to Print may require a few extra steps.    During a scan, we might end up with a few holes that will need to be filled.  […]

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Creaform 3D Scanning: How to Scan the Human Body With the GoScan50

How to Scan the Human Body With the Creaform GoScan50 Creaform has an impressive range of handheld scanners that can record hundreds of thousands of points of data every second with up to 30 micron accuracy, but how would we go about scanning the human body? The high accuracy and tracking targets are great for scanning large objects to perform high accuracy inspections and for reverse engineering, but you don’t really need that kind of accuracy for the human body. […]

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Un-Boxing Your HandyScan 700

  Getting your HandyScan 700 set up and ready to scan is a quick and easy process. This blog will highlight some of the key steps that you don’t want to miss. First step in unboxing your HandyScan 700 is going to be making sure all of the contents are there. Using the slots on the side of the foam, lift the foam and contents up enough to check for looks like a flat wood box. With all the necessary […]

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What is Photogrammetry?

What is Photogrammetry? Photogrammetry No it’s not a new type of selfie, photogrammetry is a 3-D coordinate measuring technique that uses 2-D photographs and a known scale length as the fundamental tools for metrology applications. Simply put, the distance between 2 points on an object can be determined by measuring them in a picture and applying a scaling factor. In practice, a user would place reflective targets across the surface of their critical features and use these locators to create […]

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Creaform VXelements has been updated!

VXelements, the software used with Creaform 3D scanners has been updated to version 6.0!  The update includes a major overhaul of the interface.  Now VXelements has a home page. You can choose which aspect of the software you will be using.  One of my favorite enhancements is part of the VXinspect and VXmodel.  Now you can choose from recent CAD files!  SOLIDWORKS has had this for a long time, and now VXelements has it also! When in VXscan, the workflow […]

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Creaform 3D Scanning: HandySCAN 3D Scanner Now Certified by Airbus

HandySCAN 3D Scanner Certified by Airbus     Metrology-grade 3D laser scanner is now recognized in the Airbus Technical Equipment Manual (TEM).   Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, announced today that its flagship metrology-grade portable 3D scanner, the HandySCAN 3D, has been certified by Airbus and will be added to the company’s next Technical Equipment Manual (TEM) release.   This certification comes following the recognition of HandySCAN 3D’s specifications by the French National […]

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