CSWP exam tip –Utilizing the “Edit All..” button for quick equation changes

The first section of the CSWP exam has you build a part, figure the mass of the part and then change several dimensions to then calculate the mass again. This tip is to help you save time on this first section of the CSWP.

The exam gives you a list of dimensions to use to build the part. What you want to do is take this list and create equations from it, before doing any modeling.

Edit all equation 1 

Now that you have the dimension equations in place go ahead and model the part by using these equations to define the specific dimensions called out in the CSWP exam. Once you have finished modeling the part and have obtained the original mass, the exam will ask you to change the dimensions listed and recalculate the mass. To quickly do this, utilize the “Edit All…” button in the equation editor.


Edit all eq 2 

The “Edit All..” panel will pop up and allow you to quickly change any or all of your equations. Once you have edited the primary equations, click ok. This will update your equations and your part, allowing you to now calculate the new mass without individually editing each equation or dimension.


Nicholas Jansen

Technical Analyst

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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