Using the DFMXpress Tool

DFMxpressDFMXpress is located in the tools drop-down menu in SolidWorks.  It is engineered to advise the designer on common problems faced in the manufacturing process, allowing validation and identification of areas of a design that are difficult, expensive or impossible to machine.
DFMXpress features include explanations and recommendations that help designers identify and rectify manufacturing feasibility issues; a basic set of rules for sheet metal, drilling, milling, turning; configurable rules parameters; and integrated and a designer-centric graphical user interface.
Example: Drill Rules
Drilled holes should not intersect cavities. During machining, drills follow the path of least resistance when intersecting a cavity. The drill might wander when it reenters the material. If a hole must intersect a cavity, the drill axis should be outside the cavity.
Holes with small diameters (less than 3.0 mm) or high depth-to-diameter ratios (greater than 2.75) are difficult to machine and are not recommended for convenient mass production. Deeper holes also make chip removal more difficult if the hole is blind.
To configure this rule, set Hole Depth to Diameter Ratio.


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