Did you know you can modify the SOLIDWORKS Heads-up View Toolbar?

Did you know you can modify the Heads-up View Toolbar? Well you can. After loading and launching

SolidWorks for the first time, your Heads-up View Toolbar will look like this.

  Mar blog 1
It is located at the top, in the middle of your graphics area.

To modify your Heads-up view. Expand your options button by clicking the arrow. Mar blog 2

click Customize, then click Commands.

  Mar blog 3

In the Categories field, scroll to standard view(for example). All the view standard icons will appear in the buttons box.

Mar blog 4

From here simply drag and drop the standard view icons on the Heads-up View Toolbar.

Does your Heads-up View Toolbar look similar to this?

Mar blog 5

The other thing to remember is, you can choose any category. You can also have Multiple categories.

Pick your favorite icons and place them on your Heads-up View.


Roger Ruffin

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology Inc.

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