I ain't afraid of no Ghosts...


In the spirit of Halloween, I want to tell you a ghost story.  This ghost story is about something scary for PDM administrators.  I am talking of course, about PDMWorks Enterprise ghosts, a frightening apparition to those who do not understand.  Here is the 411.  A PDMWorks Enterprise ghost object is created when a file or folder is downloaded to a local user’s cache, but then later removed from the vault.  When this happens, as the picture shows, the folder or file becomes light gray in the cache, thus giving it a ghost-like appearance.


This will happen if a user has already cached a file or folder and then the object is deleted or renamed in the vault.  The object in the vault is updated, but any file or folder that has been downloaded to a local cache is not automatically changed.  It gets flagged as “Read-Only, Not part of Vault” and gets a “ghost” icon.  To get rid of them as a user, just delete them.  As an admin, there is a setting that automatically slimes these ghosts.  Just follow these steps and your house will be clean:

1.  Go to the admin tool and right click on Users

2.  Select Settings

3.  Select the Explorer Tab

4.  Check the box on the option marked “Automatically delete local read-only files that are not part of the file vault”  (See snapshot)


Select OK and the ghost files and folders are removed.  This setting can be global or defined specifically for groups or users.  Questions…send them to InFlow Technology.

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