Duplex setting for performance

In recent months we have repeatedly seen that setting the network card setting for duplexing to a specific value has significantly increased performance… especially on check-in and out of larger assemblies.

**This needs to be forced on both the server and the clients

How do you change this you may ask..

  • Administrative privilege for the computer is needed in order to change these settings.

  • On the Windows “Start” button, select “Settings->Control Panel”

  • In “Control Panel”, select “Network Connections”

  • Right-click on the “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties” from the bottom of the menu:

  • This will bring up the “Local Area Connection Properties” window.  Select “Configure”


  • At the next window, select the “Advanced” tab,

  • under “Property” select “Media Type”, and you will see a value list to pick from

, Duplex setting for performanceConfig2  

Hope this helps!

By Scott Evans – InFlow Technologies – www.inflow-tech.com

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