DWG Editor Installation Tips & Tricks


·         DWG Editor cannot be installed on a machine more than once. You cannot run 2008 and 2009 versions on the same machine.

·         DWG Editor is available only on the SOLIDWORKS DVD or off of the SOLIDWORKS Website when downloading a Service Pack.

·         DWG Editor is not a free SOLIDWORKS product therefore it is not available for non-SOLIDWORKS Subscription customers.

·         You are prompted during install for Stand Alone or Network based licensing.


, DWG Editor Installation Tips & Tricks

Standalone Install

o   There is no Serial Number needed to install a standalone license.

o   Licensing for Standalone DWG Editor is not currently controlled by the Activation Manager.

Network Install

o   You will be prompted to choose a server where DWG Editor can locate a license.  

, DWG Editor Installation Tips & Tricks

o   When you choose network install it installs the Flex LM manager on the user’s machine.

o   In the license file supplied by SOLIDWORKS for a network install there is a limit to the number of seats available (3 for every 1 seat of SW). DWG Editor is a separate line item in the license text file.

o   If you have ever had a Network install of DWG Editor on a machine and want to put in a Standalone install you will need to do the following, because an uninstall of the network version does not clear the registry.

·         Enter into the registry and browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREFLEXlm License Manager. In that folder you will want to remove the SW_D_LICENSEFILE line item.

·         You can also run the following Registry file to remove that key. Download DWGeditorfix

Demo Mode

When starting DWG Editor if it states that you are in “Demo Mode” one of the following is occurring.

·         You are exceeding the license count in the network license file.

·         You are running a network license and your license is not pointing to the correct server. This can be corrected either in the Flex LM Software that is installed on that user's PC. In the Server List Tab or by modifying the following registry key.

o   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREFLEXlm License Manager under SW_D_LICENSEFILE = 'portnumber@server'.

·         You once had the Network version installed and are now running the Standalone, see fix above.

Note: In Demo Mode you cannot print or save the file.

Version and Service Packs

DWG Editor has new version released with each SOLIDWORKS Service Pack.

2009 SP3 is the newest 2009 version as of May 2009.


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