DWG Viewing options for PDMWorks Enterprise

As you may or may not know, PDMWorks Enterprise supports the viewing and revision control of DWG (AutoCAD) files as well as SolidWorks.  When it comes to viewing DWG, you do have options.  The Preview tab will automatically choose True View, VoloView, or eDrawings depending on which you have installed on the client machine.  When installing PDMWorks Enterprise, it will automatically install eDrawings, but if you have True View or Voloview, it will use one of those viewers instead.  PDMWorks Enterprise uses the following order when selecting the viewer:

1. Trueview
2. Volo® View
3. eDrawings
4. Saved bitmap in file

If you have Trueview or Voloview installed and you want to use eDrawings instead, it is a simple registry setting.  I have attached the registry settings in a zip file.  Download PDMWE2007-_Change_DWG_preview_application.zip   Make sure you consult your local PDMWorks Enterprise administrator before making any registry changes.  Any questions, contact InFlow Technology.

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