Electromagnetic Simulation in SOLIDWORKS? It's possible with EMWorks!

With the giant leaps in technology over the last 50 years the distinction between Mechanical and Electrical engineer has become blurred.   SOLIDWORKS has always been the defacto standard when it comes to Mechanical Engineering design software.  EMWorks is a software developer that offers three main products including EMS (Electro Magnetic Simulation), HFWorks (Microwave Design and Antenna Software), and ATLASS (Advanced Transmission Line Analysis and Synthesis System). EMWorks products are completely embeded gold partners of SOLIDWORKS, and enable the user to study magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, Microwave, Antenna, and Transmission Line designs seamlessly.  Being seamlessly integrated into the SOLIDWORKS interface minimizes the learning curve for EMWorks.

Mech RMW

If you use mechanical bearings currently and always wondered how to get the friction out of your system Electromagnetic bearings may be right for you.  Take a look at the Magnetic Bearings post by EMWorks that shines light on how to use and design Electromagnetic bearings.  Below is a great preview of the magnetic flux in the bearing.

magnetic fluxdistribution RMW

SOLIDWORKS and EMWorks teamed up to bring intuitive easy to use solutions for your Electro Mechanical needs.


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