ENOVIA V6 2012x SolidWorks Integration

With the 2012 release of ENOVIA V6, there is a new ENOVIA integration with SolidWorks.  Rumor has it the integration (called SLW) is actually being developed by the same developers of Enterprise PDM, the very popular SolidWorks PDM product.  Having used both ENOVIA V6 and EPDM, the SolidWorks Integrations are nearly identical.

Check out the video below.  This particular video shows one way SolidWorks users will access their SolidWorks files using the V6 client.  This Windows Explorer client shows how the ENOVIA workspace can integrate into Windows Explorer so that the workspace folders can be easily navigated.  The users can access files from Windows Explorer, the ENOVIA Web Client, or from SolidWorks.


Stay tuned for more videos on ENOVIA V6.  Check out our website at www.inflow-tech.com.

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