ENOVIA V6 Portfolio - Variant Management


The ENOVIA portfolio is organized into six themes directly impacting how a customer can achieve higher operating margins. Within these six themes, we have 183 specific processes or modules catering to those themes. The focus of this blog is Variant Management which is part of the Global Product Development portfolio. Variation is one of the key components to success in this highly competitive business environment. Customers want to see choices when selecting a product. It could be a simple consumable like toothpaste or purchase of an expensive car. Variant Management module helps companies develop products with variability. With ENOVIA Variant Management, companies can define conceptual product definitions that can be reused across a multiple series of products, satisfy market specifications, and provide many possible optional capabilities. These conceptual product definitions serve as a framework for defining variant products that are configurable and drive the generation of engineering bills-of-material (EBOMs). As a result, companies can expedite the design process and lower costs while meeting customer demands still.

Products can be managed by hierarchy, market requirements, with added capabilities of status reports for the related projects. We start with a product line which could be the services or products offered by a company. Within the product line, we will have products and within products we have models. For example, a computer manufacturing company could have two product lines, desktops and laptops. Desktops could contain multiple products – office, home etc. Within products, we can have the specific models.

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