ENOVIA V6 Portfolio - What is Engineering Central?

The ENOVIA V6 2013x portfolio contains 100+ dedicated OOTB applications for every industry ranging from Apparels to Aerospace. Every one of these applications will belong to one or more of four domains namely:

1. Unified Live Collaboration

2. IP Lifecycle Management

3. Global Sourcing

4. Governance

These four domains have sub-domains of their own but in basic terms each domain manages the following areas:

Unified Live Collaboration includes tools that provide Setup/Management of Database schema, Indexing and Search. It also provides a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) that integrates with other enterprise systems including ERP.

IP Lifecycle Management covers CAD integrations, Bill-of-Material management, Workspace, Library system, Engineering change process.

Global Sourcing includes Supply Chain Management that includes quotations, purchase orders and helps make suppliers and vendors an integral part of the product development.

Governance provides tools that include program/project management, quality control, compliancy and requirements management.

In today’s blog, we will cover Engineering Central (ENG). As explained above, Engineering Central belongs to one of the four groups mentioned above. It is part of the IP Asset Release sub-domain of IP Lifecycle Management domain.

Based on DAMA (Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere) business model, this application helps users across the enterprise get easy access to product data. It provides the necessary tools to create parts or part families and lifecycle (development to production) management.

Engineering Central helps manage changes to parts, BOMs and associated documents through engineering change Orders (ECO) and requests (ECR). With the built in role feature, users can setup the lifecycle of process flows by selecting specific engineering disciplines. For example, as per an organization’s engineering rules, only Senior Manufacturing Engineers can approve a product for production.


If your company needs a proper workflow structure to manage the engineering process, track changes, follow a specific or custom path from prototype to production of a product then Engineering Central would be the application for you.


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