Ensuring the Health of Enterprise PDM

Solidworks Enterprise PDM offers a number of tools and techniques to keep the software working efficiently and effectively and more easily identify issues when they presents themselves.  


1) Keep tabs on the Archive Server Log:

EPDM Administration /Your Server /RMB /Show the Archive Server Log.

2) Review the replication monitoring too (when applicable).

– in the Administration tool you have the archive status dialog showing the total number of versions needing replicating to a particular server.

By right-clicking the node you can get a list of files not yet replicated to a server.

You can also use the SQL query to get a list of files needing replicated


3) EPDM Client log:

EPDM Administration /Local Settings /Log File.

This log file gathers information from different components of EPDM system and

often, messages from these applications have the error descriptions that received from SQL Server.

4) Windows Event Viewer /Application Log

– here you can find events from SQL Server (Event Source: MSSQLSERVER) and SolidWorks EPDM Database Server.


5) Monitor the SQL Server error log available in the SQL Server Management Studio

By default, the error log is located at Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.nMSSQLLOGERRORLOG and ERRORLOG.n files.

6) Also available is the Activity Monitor component of MS SQL Server Management Studio to get information about users connections to the Database Engine and the locks that they hold.

/RMB /Activity Monitor.

7) You can set up email alerts to help monitor EPDM file vault databases in MS SQL Server:

8) Keep an eye on space used and available. i.e. Free space on the local drives that SQL Server and Archive Server are using and the transaction log size and on the trace files numbers/ size.

9) Make regular backups of:

  • Vault Databases and ConosioMasterDb:
  • Archive Server Settings:

Archive Server Configuration Tool /Menu /Tools /Backup settings.

File Vault Archives:

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