Enterprise PDM 2015 Shortcut Creates Incomplete Folder Paths - SPR 877773

For any Enterprise PDM users that utilize a custom shortcut to access folders inside of Enterprise PDM, you will be experiencing some improper behavior when upgrading to Enterprise PDM 2015.

After accessing Enterprise PDM 2015 through the custom shortcut, the file path will actually be incomplete and characters will have been removed. Typically it is the first two characters of each folder name. This issue is addressed in SPR 877773, so please contact your local reseller and ask them to add you to this SPR so that you may be contacted once they have completed a fix for this issue.

Until then, the only workaround is to either delete the shortcut and then re-create it, or modify the properties as to where the shortcut is pointing too. If this is not done before using it with EPDM 2015, the partial folders will be saved inside of EPDM and any file that you try to save through the shortcut will be placed in the wrong location and not be added to the vault. The files will then have to be moved to the correct location and overwrite the existing file, the shortcut will need to be completely deleted and the partial folders will need to be deleted.

If you are experiencing an issue similar to this, please contact customer support at 888-285-2284 or email us at Support@InFlow-Tech.com

-The InFlow Technology Technical Team

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