Enterprise PDM File Migrations

Being part of a PLM/PDM implementation team, my nights and weekends are sometimes consumed by data migration work.  Just thought I would share some of my recent experience.

Last week…we migrated around 30,000 versions into EPDM from a PDM application called ProductCenter.  We loaded pro/engineer files plus their history.  This week, we migrated about 135,000 files into EPDM from a folder structure on a network drive.  For this folder structure migration, we had to rename the files, rename folders, rebuild SolidWorks related links, all during the loading process.  So when the users left work on Friday, they had files on a network share.  When they came into work on Monday, they had a nice clean EPDM vault filled with files in a nice organized way.

Other Migrations we have done:

  • AutoDesk Vault
  • ProductCenter (mentioned above)
  • Sharepoint
  • Baan PDM
  • DBWorks
  • SolidWorks Workgroup PDM

Although data migrations can be a challenge, they can really help get users onboard with your new EPDM system.  Users just seem to adjust more quickly when they are forced to go into the new system to find their files.  So…if you are starting your own EPDM implementation, do not forget to consider a file migration.  We are always open to providing suggestions.  Feel free to look us up on www.cati.com.

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