Enterprise PDM - Frequently Asked Questions - I

The support team at Inflow Technology receives 200+ calls a month on Enterprise PDM related issues. Depending on an issue’s repetitiveness, we are starting a series on the top FAQs and we will add new ones on a regular basis. We hope this post will benefit the users and administrators of these applications.

Enterprise PDM – FAQ #1

Question : Why are the EDPM folders blue instead of green ?

Solution : The folders are blue because the user is not logged in to EPDM. In Windows explorer, Select Tools – Work Online.


Enterprise PDM – FAQ #2

Question : User X checked-out a file, left on vacation/out of office. Need access to it …

Solution : Two options to recover the file

#1 – The “Admin” user (Joe can be an admin but this operation will not work under his login, has to login as “Admin”) logs in and does a “undo checkout” on the file. If user X was working on this file, he/she will lose any changes made.


#2 – IT admin can login to User X’s machine and then the EPDM “Admin” user can check the file into the system.

Enterprise PDM – FAQ #3

Question : Accidentally deleted a drawing from Enterprise, is there a way to get it back?

Solution : Go to the folders properties and select the “Deleted Items” tab, RMB on the file that was deleted, choose “Recover”.


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